Simple Steps on Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Simple Steps on Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
Simple Steps on Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
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Kitchen cabinet refacing is challenging task. You have no idea what to do and where to start. However, once you find the idea, it is going to be so much fun. Mostly, it is about playing colors to have the new face of kitchen cabinet.

contemporary kitchen cabinets

A cabinet is one of the most used furniture items in the kitchen. After a time, it gets worn and torn. The brightness gets faded and you may want to just replace it with the new one. Before spending much money for this idea, you can consider about kitchens cabinet refacing. It is an affordable DIY project to work on. Here are the steps:

  • Put labels on all parts because it is uneasy to remember where to put them back in place.
  • Save all the opened screws and label where they belong to.
  • Clean the cabinet with the right tools in order to not damage the cabinet’s surfaces.
  • Choose the quality paints and materials for the long lasting benefits.
glass kitchen cabinet doors
glass doors

It must be very simple to hire a labor to reface your cabinet. Even so, considering how easy the work is, it is better to save your money. You just need to invest your time, probably weekend day, to do the kitchen cabinet refacing.

kitchen cabinet door replacement
door replacement
kitchen cabinet doors replacement
doors replacement
kitchen cabinet refacing diy
refacing diy
kitchen cabinet refacing supplies
refacing supplies
modern kitchen cabinets
modern kitchen cabinets
painting kitchen cabinets
Here’s the eight-step process for refacing kitchen cabinets:
  1. Remove and prep cabinet doors. First, remove all cupboard doors. …
  2. Cover stiles with veneer. …
  3. Press the veneer into place. …
  4. Reface the cabinets. …
  5. Cover the cabinet rails with veneer. …
  6. Remove trimmings. …
  7. Install the doors. …
  8. Attach cabinet hardware.


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