Painting Kitchen Cabinets by Yourself

spray painting kitchen cabinets
spray painting kitchen cabinets
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The initial step of painting kitchen cabinets by yourself is actually very important since it will definitely define the final result of your attempt. The initial step includes the preparation and also the observation of the cabinets that you are going to paint. In making sure that the final result has a great glossy look all over the parts you will have to make sure that the surface of the cabinets are ready to be painted.

best way to paint kitchen cabinets
best way to paint kitchen cabinets

Before really applying the paint as the later step of painting kitchen cabinets by yourself, you will need to do the cleaning up first. It is recommended that you are cleaning the surface of the cabinets using degreaser. It will clean out any layer of greasy prints or cooking splatters that have been in there for several times. They might not really be visible but believe that they are there. That is the cleaning step before spray painting kitchen cabinets of yours.

cost of painting kitchen cabinets

Once you have done the cleaning which is the initial step of painting kitchen cabinets by yourself you will have to go to the next step which are sanding and also priming. The sanding step is important in roughing up the surface of the cabinets so that the paint will stick to the surface easier. The best way to maximize the sanding process is to use the 100-grit sandpaper. Make sure to do the sanding thoroughly and evenly in every part of the cabinets for the best result of kitchen cabinets painting.

diy painting kitchen cabinets

Last thing of the initial step to do before applying the paint is to prime the surface. Priming will also affect the final result of the paint later on. In order to get a great glossy look later on you will have to use high build sand able primer to prime the whole surfaces. It is recommended to apply two coats or layers of primer before really applying the paint in maximizing the result of painting kitchen cabinets by you.

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