Baby Boy Room Ideas for A New Born Baby Boy

baby boy room painting ideas
baby boy room painting ideas
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Baby boy room ideas, what to consider when you want to create a perfect and comfortable sanctuary to a little prince at home? For sure there are many things to take in mind. Such thing like the design of the room, including the series choices of theme, color, pattern, until baby boy bedroom furniture, you need to plan all of them perfectly. You can decide the theme, pattern, and color after finding the baby boy bedroom furniture like the crib and others or you can reverse it.

paint ideas for baby boy room
paint ideas for baby boy room

Baby Boy Room Ideas, How to Start It

Theme can be a perfect way to start the decoration. So then, you need to envision the empty room of baby boy room to-be before going to shop anything. Don’t you do it in rush; take your time if you do the decoration before the delivery. The theme for baby boy room can be anything; to narrow down your option you can consider animals, sailboats, adventures and pirates. The next thing you need to think about is color and pattern. Be sure to make the theme, pattern and color as one union.

ideas for baby boy room
ideas for baby boy room

Personalizing the Room for Baby Boy

After you put all things you need such as theme, color and pattern. It is the time to bring details in the baby boy room to make it more personal and more something like home. To begin with, you can give your baby boy’s name embroidery on his quilts or pillows. You can also hang the photograph of your baby boy on his first time to meet the world. You can also hang the photograph of you during pregnancy. Another way to personalize the baby boy room is using stencil to write down his name, this way not only make the room has personal touch, but it also beautiful.

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